St. Matthew's Sr. Sec. School

International ProgrammesSt. Matthew's Sr. Sec. School

Global School PartnershipSt. Matthew’s has developed a strong international dimension to its programmes. The school is part of the Global School Partnership (GSP) of the British Council. Every year teachers and student teams from Europe and USA visit the school to train and interact with our children. Some of our staff have visited schools in England. We work alongside our international colleagues and shared best practices from both sides of the world.

Partners in Global Education

1. King's School, Seattle, USA

King's School is located in Seattle, Washington.  It has a 60 year tradition of providing preparatory education for students from preschool through grade 12. St. Matthew's has recently initiated links with King's school in bringing quality education for its pupils. 

2. Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA

Student and Teacher teams frequently come and interact with students of St. Matthew's.  Eastern Mennonite University is a private liberal arts university in the Shenandoah Valley of the U.S. state of Virginia.

International Resident Teachers

Janet Halford, UK

Ms. Janet Halford, comes from England and worked as an educational consultant for the LEA, UK. She  has extensive experience in her previous career of working with school Principals and leading teachers in London and Durham, England, to develop programmes to support academic and personal development, and the global and community dimensions of schools.   Miss Halford has contributed to the development of our international partnerships, and the involvement of volunteers from abroad in the lives of our students. In the past three years Miss Halford has taken responsibility for helping volunteers from England, America, Canada and Australia to work with our students, and to prepare for their activities, and she negotiates all arrangements and orientation. She will also continue to help our Administrative and Academic teams to further improve and broaden the teaching of English, study skills and music, and the support of our communities in English language acquisition. Since some of our students join school part way through their school career, with help from Miss Halford, we have been able to introduce an accelerated programme for learning English, particularly spoken English, so that students can access the wider curriculum as soon as possible. 

Jeanmarie Disch, USA

Jeanmarie is a graduate of Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois, USA. She completed her B.S. in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Program Management. In addition to her schooling, Jeanmarie has worked in a teaching capacity for over 15 years. She has taught early childhood development, physical education and pre-school, all at an accredited institution of education. She has worked with children with special needs as well as those from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Jeanmarie has also worked as Director of Youth Summer Camp programs for many years and has served in various administrative and supervisory roles throughout her teaching tenure. What she brings to St. Mathews is years of experience in English based, creative educational initiatives.